TEKOPP ZERO JAPAN, Black Gloss, 200 ml



Zero Japan




Tåler oppvaskmaskin og mikrobølgeovn

Stilren og skinnende blank svart kopp fra ettertraktede Zero Japan. Beste håndtaket der tommelen hviler ergonomisk for en kopp drikkeopplevelse.

Zero Japan products are made of the finest porcelain quality clay. A lot of handwork is involved in the process from molding to glazing the products. The whole process including the firing in the kiln takes several days. The biscuit firing or first firing at a lower temperature is to dry the clay, after which the glaze is applied by hand. The second firing at a very high temperature for around 18 hours is to make the product waterproof and vitrify the glaze. The right temperature will bring out a brilliant shiny glaze and beautiful color.

The Japanese designer Koji Inoue designed the Zero Japan products with the following three concepts in mind: “highly functional”, “great to touch” and “a pleasure to the eye”.

This mug is dishwasher- and microwave-safe.



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